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Unrestricted, Unpredictable and Uncensored.

Adults Only is the best way to experience Whose Rhyme.

(If you're above the age of +18!)


Absolutely any topic, theme or suggestion given by the crowd is taken on, no matter how naughty it might be.

The only limit is the audiences imagination. 

Witness pure chaotic comedy, as Whose Rhyme uses your content to rap it out in a game of entirely improvised wit and word wizardry


Whose Rhyme breaks the fourth wall to directly involve the audience, encouraging everyone (and anyone) to participate. 

Try your hand at rhyming, miming, guessing the word or even acting out a rap charade.

Or even better... nominate a friend or a colleague to go on stage and watch the hilarity unfold.


From Fringe Festival, to theatres, pubs, clubs and parties, Whose Rhyme full freestyle has turned heads and built a cult following for its unique and creative game show format, with the crowd commanding the content.


Start thinking of your topics, 
We can already make them rhyme.



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