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“If you enjoy comedy and rapping, this is the show for you.

I believe it is one of the best events this Fringe season. I would

certainly go see it again.” 

★★★★ FringeFeed 2022

‘ Laughter cascaded through the audience as they spun improvised raps on the most random topics tossed their way. The interactive nature of their performance – complete with varied, engaging games – ensures that no two shows are the same, Whose Rhyme is it Anyway’ stands out as a gem of comedic gold.

- Perth Happenings 2024


Acclaimed freestyle rap super-weapon Macshane has joined forces with award winning comedian Daniel Delby to create a musical game show like no other. 


By drawing upon the limitless possibilities of freestyle rap and improvised comedy, Whose Rhyme delivers spontaneous creativity in its purest form.

Whose Rhyme breaks the fourth-wall to engage the crowd in a series of hilarious rhyme, guessing and acting challenges based entirely off the audiences input.

By involving the crowd so directly, no two games (or shows) are ever the same. Whose Rhymes form of improv is electric, engaging and highly entertaining.

Whether its the big stage, a private show or a corporate event, Whose Rhyme will leave you laughing long into the distant future. 

So, Whose Rhyme is it anyway?


There's only one way to find out... 




Daniel Delby, is a FRINGE WORLD Best Weekly
Comedy award winner,Host of the cult show
Sunday Singles at the Comedy Lounge, a regular
on 96fm, host of the top ten podcast The Hard
Yarns and corporate entertainer.

He has featured as a comedian on Channel 7's
Sunrise, is the creator of the sold-out "Teacher
Comedy Night" which has toured Nationally around Australia.

Daniel also has a wealth of experience in teaching
children as he was a special needs and ATAR
Chemistry teacher for 11 years before resigning to
pursue comedy full time.


He has run professional
development days for staff and was an accredited
action learning coach that other teachers sought out
to improve their practice.

The future looks bright for this rising comedy


Macshane is a "Chameleon" who has channelled his passion for performance and freestyle rap over the last 10 years to carve out an ecclectic and ever evolving career.

From performing as a regular hype man for international DJ's, a TEDx speaker, featuring on commercial radio stations as an entertainer, performing as a comedian on stage, an original artist at Australian and international music festivals along with voice acting - Macshane has applied his broad skillsets to assert himself as one of Australia's most unique MC's.

In addition to amassing over 2 million streams on
Spotify for his rap anthem "I Said", Macshane has had
music videos played on MTV Australia and was the
recipient of the 2017 WAM award for best hip hop song
for "Meant to do".

Macshanes versatility lends itself to all corners of comedy and creativity, with no slowing down in sight for this freestyle rap superweapon.




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